Pivot.si - some customers and partners

  • Airnet, Celje
  • Aldata Solution, Trzin
  • Aster, Ljubljana
  • Atlantic grupa, Zagreb
  • Avision, Portorož
  • CVS mobile, Ljubljana
  • Fiena, Ljubljana
  • Gaia, Postojna
  • S & T - Hermes Plus, Ljubljana
  • Institut Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana
  • ITS sistemi, Ljubljana
  • K2.net, Ljubljana
  • Moje delo, spletni marketing, Ljubljana
  • Movera, Ljubljana
  • Sinfonika, Trzin
  • SLOROM, Draghiceni, Romunija
  • Synatec, Idrija
  • TAB sistemi, Tržič
  • Xenya, Ljubljana

Brief description of some projects

S & T Hermes plus and Aster
  Integration of Aster into S & T after a merger.
S & T Hermes plus and Aldata
  Consulting in formation of a spin-off company Aldata Solution and in acquisition of this spin-off by french-finnish group Aldata Solution. Integration within the group, organization of controlling, financials and accounting, cooperation in some sales activities of Aldata Solution.
ITS sistemi
  Consulting in (unsuccesful) acquisition of a Croatian IT company.
Moje delo
  Business angel role in start-up and succesful growth of the #1 e-recruitment site in Slovenia.
K2.net, Sinfonika
  Consulting in financial reorganization of K2.net, one of the first ISP in Slovenia, obtaining equity share, consolidation, merger of K2.net into Sinfonika.
  Consulting in organization, controlling, providing financial resources.
Aldata Solution and Atlantic
  Project management of the renewal of the logistic and retail information system; implementation of G.O.L.D. products from Aldata Solution.
Institut Jožef Stefan
  Participation in EU project Windect, development and integration of the Windect Human Computer interface.
  Development of a vechicle tracking system (GPS, GSM/GPRS) for tracking the agricultural machinery and data interpretation.
Avision, TAB, CVS mobile, Movera
  Sales consulting.
  Sales consulting and common projects.

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